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Affordable roofing contractors serving Folsom, CA. Affordable roof replacements/new roof installations for residential homes. There is no need to wait for that needed roof replacement. We offer financing options as well as seasonal doscunts. We are a quality-driven roofing contractor with 5-star ratings acroos the industry’s landscape. Reliable, experienced, qualified, and insured roofing company serving Folsom and the entire Sacaramento County. We also service Sacramento, West Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Davis, and surrounding areas. Our satisfied customers rate us 5 stars. Take a look at our Google reviews and Yelp reviews online.

Relax and let us walk you through a stress-free, professional, and clean roof replacement or new roof installation. Honest and free estimates are provided without any pressure tactics.

If you are looking to replace your roof or instal la new one, our team of trusted, licensed, insured, and reliable roofing contractors in your local Folsom area are the right choice for you. As a genral contractor with  who specilaizes in roof replacements and new roof installations, our many years of industry experience has placed us among the best in the industry in the Sacramento area. With top quality roofing as our focus, our knowledgeable and experienced roofers will help you through the entire process. Installing or replacing a roof is no easy task and it requires a high level of expertise.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and will provide quality workmanship that will make you home safe and comfortable. Get in touch with us today to start! Protect your family, home, and investment. Get in touch with us today!

affordable roofing contractors folsom ca
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affordable roofing contractors folsom
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affordable roofing contractors in folsom ca



Affordable, durable, and reliable  roofing services that include roof replacements, roof repairs, and newroof installations. We also specialize in energy-efficient cool roofs that can help you conserve energy, reduce oyur carbon footprint, and save money on utility bills.

Our roofing services will protect your home, improve its curb appeal, increase comfort, and improve your family’s quality of life. Ask about seasonal discounts by contacting us today

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What Are the Benefits of Hiring American Cool Construction for your Roof Replacement?

American cool construciton is an experienced and highly reliable roofing company with many years of experience in the business. We prioritize customer satisfaction and guarantee quality workmanship that will make your home comfortable and safe. We enjoy excellent customer satisfaction ratings. Testimonials can be provided at oyur request. We are also a licensed, insured, and qualified roofing contractor in Roseville, CA, making us the perfect choice for all your roofing needs.

What Benefits Does a Roof Replacement/New Roof Provide?

A new roof provides protection from the elements and prevents moisture from entering your home. It can also make your home more attractive to potential buyers, as curb appeal ranks high among purchasing considerations. According to a survey from the National Association of REALTORS®,  33% of Realtors® found that a new roof helped them close a sale on a home.

Did you know?

The best way to keep mold and mildew at bay is to ensure that your roof is in good condition, and that it’s properly ventilated.

How to Prevent Mold and Mildew Growth in a Home ?

A leaky roof can promote mold growth or mildew inside your home. Replacing or installing a new roof can help prevent Mold and Mildew Growth in a home. To avoid condensation, you need to make sure your roof is well-maintained with proper ventilation. This will help keep moisture from entering the attic, as well as reduce the chances of mold and mildew growth. Reap the benefits and avoid these pitfalls by hiring a reputable and affordable roofing contarctor for your Roseville, CA property.

affordable roofing contractors in folsom ca