Full roof replacement services including repairs, assessments and estimates.

Roof Replacements

American Cool Construction is a top rated roofing and painting exterior renovation company that has helped hundreds of homeowners with their roofs, exterior paint and other construction needs. We've helped homeowners with roof replacements, roof repairs, gutter systems, exterior painting and siding repair/replacement and more.

There are two ways a roof replacement can be done:

  1. Professionally installed roofing system where your contractor used high-quality materials, fitted by licensed, experienced roofers. Roofs like these last decades and come with a full warranty.
  2. Cheap and quick but low quality roofing fitted by unqualified, unlicensed, often fly-by-night contractors. Roofs like these usually last a couple of years before starting to exhibit issues. Most customers are unable to reach the unlicensed roofer at this point and their warranty is non-existent or non-valid.

Professional roofers perform quality work the first time around and stand behind their work.

During an estimate, even before starting work, we will assign a project manager who will be your point of contact and your guide throughout the entire project.

Some of the benefits of working with American Cool Construction and replacing your roof include:

  • We are fully licensed, bonded and insured
  • Top of the industry with hundreds of completed projects under our belt
  • Increase in home value
  • Increased home longevity
  • Energy Efficiency and savings
  • Better air quality
  • Less danger of mold development

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Will a new roof increase my home's value?

YES! In average, a new roof adds over $17,000 to your home’s resale value, while keeping you, your family and your home safe and dry.

Our customers come first. We also love working from referrals; therefore we guarantee great quality work that speaks for itself.

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