Rain, Rain, Go Away! – How the Sacramento, CA rain season affects your roof.

Heavy rain storms in Sacramento have a big impact on the health and longevity of your roof; heavy rains will wear down shingles and other elements of a roof. High winds and rainfall after a storm can involve lost shingles and moisture penetration in the underlayment. This water damage can penetrate the roof deck.

Heavy rain storms reach California. Image: Downtown Sacramento, Rain Clouds above.

An intense downpour or a series of moderate rainstorms can cause severe roof damage. Heavy rain can cause shingles to buckle or curl, especially if they are already showing signs of wear and tear. When shingles are worn down, they begin to deteriorate, making them more likely to break in a rainstorm. Here are 7 of the Major affects a rain storm can have on your roof.

1. Rain Causes Shingle Damage

Heavy rains in the spring and fall are among the biggest concerns when it comes to shingle damage. Damage to your shingles in this way can be kind of sporadic, Wind-aided water washing over your shingles for hours at a time can damage your roof, and while there’s not a lot you can do to shield the shingles, there is a lot you can do about the aftermath. If you see missing or falling shingles, call our team at American Cool Construction (916) 800-2892 to come out and take a look and make our best recommendations to prevent further damage.

2. Mold and Decay and Debris

With moisture comes mold. This is something that many of us are acutely aware of. The mold, decay and debris buildup on the outside or tops of our homes can be severely overlooked. Mold can begin to grow between the cracks and crevices of your roof, causing even more expansion of materials, mildew, and the deterioration of woods used for building. Not to mention, mold has the opportunity of bringing bugs and other debris, so this is a big red flag during a routine roof inspection.

3. Rainwater in Clogged, Broken and Rusted Gutters

Rain gutters and downspouts are a helpful addition to the roofing team when it comes to water management. Many homeowners may believe that a gutter system is not necessary, but contstant water exposure to your Fascia, Drip Edge and Starter Shingles can cause future problems. Furthermore, the problem with homeowners who already have gutters comes with less-than-maintained gutters and downspouts. A clogged gutter can cause an excess of water not only pummeling your roof from the sky, but also push a rush of water back over the top because it has nowhere else to go.

Shingle Roof Replacement, sheathing fixes and replacement, synthetic underlayment and new duration cool shingles (50 Year Shingle)

4. Leaks and Cracks

Leaks and cracking in roofing material can mean much bigger problems than just a drizzle inside. Since there are so many layers that make up a roof, leaks can lead to a discovery in decay of building material, cracks or holes in the top, or a path for bugs and other vermin to get in. Leaking and cracking generally results from water pushing the material one way or another, and then freezing to expand the material and leave a space in its wake.

5. Water Damage

Briefly touched on in the last point, Water Damage (and sitting water that can Freeze) is among the most silent and devastating ways that rain can ruin your roof. Water left to sit and freeze in the cracks and crannies of your roof can lead to expanding building material enough that the roof is no longer able to catch additional water. This also makes it difficult to repair, as a patch might help for smaller cracks, but damage too large may mean the need for a totally new roof.

6. Internal Stains

Internal water stains caused from heavy rainfall can be an indicator that there’s a leak somewhere. Normally, if the damage is severe enough to make it inside the home, the possibility is a good one that there may be mold and mildew growing in and around where that spot is. Depending on the kind and size of the stain, you can usually trace it back to the origin of the water flow and patch it up, but the damage caused by the rain is one that can’t be ignored.

7. Gutter and Downspout Damage

Last but certainly not least, heavy rainfall takes a toll on your gutter and downspout setups. While these management tools are meant to help tame the flow of water, sometimes clogs and cracks in the gutters can lead to some pretty unsavory side effects.


To Summarize: Educate yourself with proper home maintenance and care. Once a problem presents itself DO NOT WAIT. Contact the professionals. We have some many customers that reach out to us once it is too late. A roof that’s in need of a replacement because of aged or deteriorated shingles could have been cheaper, however allowing cracked and broken shingles to sit allow for damage to the underlayment and decking in need of a much more costly job. We recommend contacting our team at American Cool Construction for all your roofing needs and make sure you and your home are prepared for the rain season ahead!

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