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Attic Insulation

Does your house feel colder on the second floor than the rest of the house? This happens because most of the heat escapes (especially) during the winter months via the attic. The good news? An efficient home insulation can lower your energy bills as well as provide a safe, healthy and comfortable living environment.

Our approach to attic insulation is two-fold, depending on the type of insulation needed:

  • Cellulose attic insulation is a form of blown-in insulation. It acts as a great barrier against heat transference and an acoustic barrier as well. It-s insect-resistant and requires little to no maintenance.
  • Fiberglass blow-in insulation is used to cover hard to reach places such as corners, nooks, crannies in your attic. This It prevents the loss of heat from small cavity holes in your ceiling and attic floor beds. 

We offer the following types of attic insulation:

  • Blown-In / Loose Fill Insulation
  • Foam Board Attic Insulation
  • Batts And Rolls Attic Insulation
  • Reflective Attic Insulation

How much $ on energy bills will a new attic insulation save me?

The EPA states that insulation can lead to savings of 15 percent on your cooling and heating and 11 percent on your total energy costs. Some estimations, although not by the EPA, are even higher at around 20 percent.

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